Root Canal Treatment

What are Root Canals?

There has been many jokes in movies and TV shows that are made about Root Canals. There are many myths surrounding root canals. Here is the truth about Root Canals.

  • You are numb during the procedure. It doesn’t hurt.
  • They decrease pain.
  • The roots are not removed from your mouth. Merely the infected areas of the root are removed.
  • Root canals can help save teeth from extraction.

When is Root Canal Needed?

  • Decay has entered the pulp (nerve) of a tooth.
  • The pulp has been irritated beyond natural healing and is causing pain.
  • The pulp has died and is causing inflammation or swelling.
  • There is an abscess at the end of the root.

Root Canal Therapy in Sonora, TX

If you’re in Sonora, Ozona, El Dorado, or Rock Springs and have a toothache, give us a call! Root Canal Treatment will take the pain away!